Alexis, aka L’Ange Noir, is an international kizomba dancer and teacher. The dance enthusiast started from his earliest childhood to his country’s rhythm and quickly master his childhood dances: biguine, mazurka, valse and zouk. In November 2013 he arrived to Paris and was introduced by his brother to the kizomba and semba world. He knew straight away that this would be his passion. He quickly mastered these dances and decided in March 2015 to take it a step further by participating in the biggest kizomba contest in France: Africadançar. With his partner Julie. He won the contest at the age of 23 and became the youngest French kizomba champion. He has built his own style, linking technical skills with musicality, then adding a dose of passion. Sharing, conviviality, passion and listening is his motto. He loves to share this genuine passion and is proud and thrilled to be able to pass on the Angolan legacy through kizomba and semba.

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