Hector is an international, well-known dance instructor, with several great successes on his list. He began his career early as a professional dancer in La Habana, Cuba. He is a highly educated dancer, graduated from ENA (Escuela Nacional de Arte) and ISA (Instituto Superior de Arte). In addition to Latino dances, he has a wide education within inter alia ballet and modern dance. Hector has spent a lot of time working on various cabarets in Cuba. He worked in the well-known dance and music group Raices Profundas, Conjunto Folklórico Nacional. After that, he started a cooperation as choreographer and dancer with the world-renowned group Yoruba Andabo, where he stayed for twelve years. The group has received numerous awards, including winning a Latin Grammy in 2001 and 2003. They traveled around the world and became very successful. The Afro-Cuban dances have become Hector's specialty, and he has the whole world as a workplace. Hector constantly travels around various festivals and dance events internationally. With his motto of working hard and never giving up, he has become a great icon in the world of dance. The dance is Hector's driving force in life and he enjoys every minute of the dance floor. Together with his dance partner Lina, he currently runs Tropical Sundsvall and wants to put Sundsvall on the dance chart. And for a few years he is working closely with Damarys Farres in her attempt to promote and creating quality Cuban & Afro-Cuban dance events in UK.

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